MidAmerica Film Market?

The MidAmerica Film Market, in collaboration with Porter + Craig, is set against the backdrop of an indie film revolution. With the proliferation of digital filmmaking tools, the indie scene is burgeoning with stories waiting to be told. Our mission is to streamline the distribution process, ensuring these stories reach their destined audience.


The Fort Smith International Film Festival announced its groundbreaking evolution with the MidAmerica Film Market, set to dazzle the industry on August 22 – 24, 2024, at the prestigious TempleLive. This year marks a monumental shift from the festival’s rich history of exhibition towards a comprehensive cinematic experience encompassing both exhibition and distribution, thanks to the visionary partnership with Porter + Craig Film and Media Distribution.

Transforming the Landscape of Cinema

In 2023, the River Valley Film Society took a bold step by integrating a distribution component into the Fort Smith International Film Festival, laying the foundation for what is now the MidAmerica Film Market. This initiative was spearheaded by industry giants Sgt. Major Keith L. Craig (Retired) and Jeff Porter, who not only shared invaluable insights but also facilitated licensing agreements for standout films, bridging the gap between creative excellence and market visibility.

Our distinguished executive director, Dr. Brandon Chase Goldsmith, has unveiled a landmark, multi-year exclusive distribution partnership with Porter + Craig Film and Media. This alliance heralds a transformative era in the entertainment landscape, designed to bridge the gap between filmmakers and the world’s leading theatrical companies and streaming platforms. The MidAmerica Film Market emerges not merely as an event, but as a pivotal conduit of opportunity, drawing the glamour and opportunities of Hollywood into the United States’ heartland. With Porter + Craig Film and Media as your guide through the intricate maze of film distribution, from pinpointing the ideal platform to mastering licensing and marketing intricacies, this partnership is committed to amplifying your film’s reach and impact.

Call for Submissions

Dive into the next frontier of cinema by submitting your film to the MidAmerica Film Market 2024. Submissions open on February 2, with deadlines spanning from Early Bird on March 1 to Extended on May 24. We welcome narratives, documentaries, episodic content, and more, offering a platform for your creative voice to be heard. Submit at FilmFreeway below